Letter To Your Parents

Dear Mr and Mrs Royo,

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. I’m quite sure that if you have gotten to know me, we’ll probably like each other. I can be quite charming if I wanted to and I know that you are fantastic people. Both of you are hardworking parents and you have mighty fine boys.

Now I’d like to congratulate you for raising such a fine son. He’s smart, funny, patient, and yes, he values his family and his goals more than anything else.

In today’s world where most twenty-somethings are looking for instant gratification – your son is the type who’ll work hard to get what he wants.

In the short time we were together, even though there were opportunities for him to sneak around – he chose to keep his nose to his books and notes, even without an exam on the horizon – because let’s face it – med school is not a walk in the park. As parents, you taught him well and for that I must thank you.

Now that this is all out in the open, I think you should know that he is a good son. Don’t look at his sexuality as a character flaw because it isn’t. Sadly I will never get the chance to tell you that. It is rather unfortunate that you found out about us the hard way. And in my naiveté, I thought you would be accepting to us as a couple. Your son had to choose and chose he did. I understand his decision completely. In my last desperate attempt though, and against my better judgement, I begged, pleaded, and assured him that we will be ok and we’ll find an acceptable way to keep us going. But as I said, you taught him well. He stayed firm in his decision.

Now I must face another time alone and face the fact that most people – even how open minded or progressive they may seem – will never be able to tolerate – let alone accept us. I already lost a number of friends that way. And maybe I am being naïve again, but I am still looking forward to the day that loving relationships won’t get ripped apart simply because some people think it’s a sin against nature.

This hurts like hell but you gave us no choice. If I I need to move on, then so be it. I just wish we were able to say our proper goodbyes.

PS. Tell him I said, “Happy Birthday!”


8 thoughts on “Letter To Your Parents

    1. his parents took his tablet, laptop, mobile phone, and car privileges. they are treating him like a child. i am so worried about him and in so much pain right now. :/


        1. i don’t know if we will still survive this. we already broke up. his parents threatened to throw him out of the house if he continued on with this. given that he really wants to become a doctor, he made the right decision. i just wish there’s a way to find out if he’s alright. or a way to see him again.


      1. I can’t believe there are still people against gay-relationship, especially when those people in the relationship are somebody close to them. Not until I had one with a guy I’ve realized that, even he himself was kind of against us, which was pretty messed up.
        Who knows, he might just be taking his time before acting on anything. Or not. I just hope you two are doing well.

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